Effortlessly pay your Pathfinder Federal Credit Union loan with MessagePay. Simply respond to a secure text message for a fast and convenient payment experience.

Below is how you’ll set up your account:

1. Verify Your Account

2. Create A 4-Digit Pin

3. Add Your Preferred Payment Method

Method of Payment

4. Make a Payment


Say goodbye to lengthy payment processes. Quickly pay your loan with just a few clicks using MessagePay.


Make secure payments for your loan using MessagePay with ease. Accept payments from checking accounts or debit cards.


Get started with MessagePay in just 4 easy steps. Enjoy quick and convenient access with your MessagePay PIN for future payments.

What You Should Know:

• If you have a loan with Pathfinder Federal Credit Union, you will receive a reminder via text message 5 days before the due date. The text message includes the payment amount and a secure link to review payment options.

• To access the payment portal through the secure link in the text message, you will need to verify your account with your base account number (4 or 5 digit member number) and the date of birth of the primary member.

• You may choose to opt out of MessagePay by texting “STOP”.

• Stay aware of spam text messaging and phishing scams while using MessagePay. For more information, visit this link from the FTC.

Verifying your MessagePay account for the first time:

• Click the secure link that you received via text message in order to setup your MessagePay Account

• 4 digit PIN: once you have entered your account number and date of birth, it will prompt you to create a 4 digit PIN. Store this information in a secure place as you will need this PIN number to verify future payments.

• To make a payment, you need to add your preferred payment method in the portal by selecting “ADD NEW PAYMENT METHOD”. You can add either a debit card or bank account as your payment method. Upon successful addition, you will receive a “Payment Method Success” message and be redirected to the payment portal.

• After successfully verifying your MessagePay account, you will be taken to the payment portal. In the portal, you can view all of your loans and select your preferred payment method.

Casper Branch

Address: 400 E 1st St #100, Casper, WY 82601

Phone: 307-234-4271

Greybull Branch

400 N 6th Street
Greybull, WY 82426

(307) 765-2852

Powell Branch

109 N Clark St
Powell, WY 82435

(307) 754-9814