Savings Account Services


Unlock Membership Benefits with Pathfinder Federal Credit Union's Share Account

At Pathfinder Federal Credit Union, our share account goes beyond being a simple savings account; it represents your stake and ownership in our credit union. With an exceptionally low minimum balance requirement of just $5.00, you not only secure your savings but also unlock full membership privileges within Pathfinder Federal Credit Union, offering a wealth of benefits tailored specifically with Wyoming residents in mind.

Just like traditional savings accounts, our share account allows your money to grow through quarterly-compounded dividends. These dividends are calculated using the average daily balance method, ensuring your savings work harder for you. This approach is designed to maximize your returns while keeping your financial goals within reach.

Become a valued member of Wyoming’s very own Pathfinder Federal Credit Union, where your financial well-being is our priority. Explore the vast array of advantages that come with your membership and experience the difference of banking with a credit union that’s deeply rooted in the Wyoming community.

Casper Branch

Address: 400 E 1st St #100, Casper, WY 82601

Phone: 307-234-4271

Greybull Branch

400 N 6th Street
Greybull, WY 82426

(307) 765-2852

Powell Branch

109 N Clark St
Powell, WY 82435

(307) 754-9814